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Discovery Responses

just got a whole lot better


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Response Genie

Draft and edit responses to discovery requests with a few clicks.

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Group Requests

Combine requests into applicable groups manually or run a keyword search to group requests by topic

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Attention Please!

DiscJET™'s Diff tool allows you to see responses that have been modified while ignoring those that are unchanged. Nice.

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See the Difference

Easily compare drafted responses to the default responses (and ignore those that are unchanged)

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Easy Exports

Export full discovery responses or just the groups you want to review to Word and Excel.

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Simple Scanning for Changes

Quickly scan exports for only those responses that have been modified

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Discovery Request
Discovery Done

No more hours of mindless copy-pasting. With DiscJET, your discovery will be done in a flash.

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Demo video available upon request (email info@workupmachine.com).

Demo Video