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Litigation, IPRs, and Strategy

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Claim Construction

Auto-select or manually select terms. Export claim constructions for IPRs or Rule 4-2 in seconds

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Profile Prior Art Cited References

Use IP LITe™'s Prior Art Profiler to export and organize multiple tiers of backward and forward references and more

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Easily Review Prior Art

Review prior art / cited references for Reference Score, Title, Abstract, Claims, and Terms for an unlimited number of patents

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Rule 3-3 made easy

IP LITe makes prior art contention charts for IPRs and Rule 3-3 easy for invalidity or validity

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Compare Claims

Compare claims for variations in language and usage

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Compare Terms

IP LITe™ helps you to customize and view the usage of selected terms in context with others

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Demo video available upon request (email info@workupmachine.com).

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